Windy Ridge Milk


Blacks Road Grocer is delighted to stock Windy Milk. Windy Ridge Ridge Farm is based in the heart of the Clutha District, on the  outskirts of a small town called Benhar.

Hi all, my name is Andrew Moir, owner/operater of Windy Ridge Farm. Myself and sons Ezra and Seth are very excited to announce the new arrival of  our "Bottled, Pasturised, Full Cream Milk" (just like the good old days) 


ODT Wednesday, 25 January 2017

'Old-school' milk in high demand


Windy Ridge is now able to sell freshly pasteurised milk with cream on the top, just like it was in ''the good old days''.

''You want milk that has got everything in it and nothing has been taken.''

The ''old school big dollop of cream'' was what everybody remembered








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